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Perfect for Vehicles, Closets, Bathrooms, Gym Bags, Sports Bags, and anywhere that needs a clean fresh scent!


Available in many fun shapes and bright bold colors that are sure to light up any space!


Bulk and Custom Orders are available upon request!


Freshies are Handmade in the USA!


Processing time is 5 to 15 Business Days unless labeled RTS


Pistol Freshie

  • 1,000 Wishes - A sparkling white wine with whispers of wild jasmine and peony on a soothing base of amber, sandalwood and musk. Inspired by the BBW® scent.

    Baja Cactus - The alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, sun-kissed coconut and soft woods. Just like the popular Bath and Body Works* fragrance! 

    Birds of Paradise - Smells just like the exotic flower. A sweet mixture of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wild Cherry.

    Black Cherry - An intense aromatic scent of fresh ripe black cherries.

    Black Ice - Masculine fragrance with fresh bergamot, wild lavender and subtle florals followed by sandalwood and soothing musk. Inspired by the famous Little Tree air freshener scent.

    Black Raspberry Vanilla - True to its name and warmed by summer's sun, this duplicate of the popular BBW* fragrance has mouth watering goodness inspired by black currant, grapefruit and mandarin in the top note.

    Bleu - Crisp citrus notes highlight this aromatic woody blend followed with fresh lavender and jasmine on a background of cedar, musk and Asian Sandalwood. Inspired by the Chanel® scent.

    Blue Grotto - Enter the magical blue grotto and drifty away on the fruity, clean breeze of fruity limoncello, pineapple, sugared mint, sea-infused tropical flowers, and the sun drenched volcanic rock and bleached coral that surrounds you.

    Blueberry - The smell of fresh blueberries is a perfect delight. All things blueberry, all things wonderful, lie in this scent!

    Blueberry Cheesecake - Bursting with rich, ripe blueberries mixed into a thick, rich and creamy New York style cheesecake that creates the ultimate in blueberry delight!

    Bombshell - Bright citrus fragrance unfolds into a luscious fruity splash of crisp apples and red berries. A floral bouquet of wood rose, lily of the valley and jasmine lend heart as sweet amber, woods and white musk add longevity. Inspired by Victoria's Secret®.

    Bourbon & Bow Ties - Just like the popular Bath and Body Works* fragrance! A clean and fresh masculine scent with citrus and woody top notes boosted by floral nuance middle notes and long lasting earthy, musky bottom notes.

    Bourbon & Brown Sugar - Booze and bakery unite in this incredible combination of buttery caramel, dark oud wood, and aged bourbon whiskey. Hints of soft vanilla and velvety brown sugar emerge from the woody and musky base.

    Butt Naked - This scent captures the youth of summertime! A saucy tropical blend of fresh strawberries, coconut, and cherry with mid notes of banana peel, berry nectar and the soft fragrances of tropical flowers.

    Campfire Marshmallow - Superbly delicious! Enjoy the olfactory experience of roasting heavenly marshmallows over a crackling campfire. Perfectly toasted, creamy marshmallow with intoxicating notes of burnt sugar, sticky sweet cocoa-vanilla, and a subtle hint of smoky firewood.

    Candy Cane - Smells just like the favorite Christmas Candy!

    Christmas Cookie - A delicious blend of creamy vanilla bean, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar finished off with base notes of butter baked cookie accord.

    Christmas Tree - The smell of a freshly cut 8 foot pine comes to life with notes of pine needles, Douglas fir, earthy patchouli, and cedarwood.

    Cinnamon - Very spicy and fragrant, exactly like real cinnamon!

    Coffee - Wake up with the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee with light, chocolaty overtones. Truly smells like coffee without the bitterness.

    Cotton Candy - A sweet blend of strawberries and raspberries with a light touch of cantaloupe wrapped up in cotton candy sweetness.

    Country Apple - As delightful as an orchard in the spring, a fresh combination of ripe, red apples, creamy blossoms, and hints of delicate gentle spices.- A Bath and Body Works type.

    Cowgirl Sugar Britches - A blend of leather, vanilla and a sweet sugary scent.

    Cranberry & Peppermint - As delightful as an orchard in the spring, a fresh combination of ripe, red apples, creamy blossoms, and hints of delicate gentle spices.- A Bath and Body Works type.

    Crème Brule - This delicious scent features top notes of lightly torched sugar and a hint of coconut before giving way to a rich creamy custard heart. A dash of rum elevates the vanilla and maple base.

    Cucumber Melon - A perfect blend of our Wild Watermelon, Cucumber and Honeydew creates this incredibly fresh & fun fragrance.

    Curve - Refreshingly spicy, yet sweet, fresh greens, hints of lavender and amber, warm wind, pepper, finishing with mahogany and water.

    Drunken Pumpkin - This is a gourmet blend of fresh pumpkin and coconut infused with rich cassia and clove on a base of dark bourbon, maple, and toasted oak.

    Endless Weekend - An exhilarating blend of mandarin, coconut water, and orange with a floral heart of magnolia, iris, and rose on a dry base of cedarwood, amber, and musk. Just like the popular Bath and Body Works* fragrance! 

    Eucalyptus & Thyme - An awesome eucalyptus scent with a hint of thyme added for balance and smoothness. This fragrance oil is a refreshing twist on straight eucalyptus and a nice choice for cold weather fragrance choices.

    Farmer's Market Harvest - An awesome eucalyptus scent with a hint of thyme added for balance and smoothness. This fragrance oil is a refreshing twist on straight eucalyptus and a nice choice for cold weather fragrance choices.

    Fierce - A bold clean scent with top notes of lemon, lavender, and marine accord with mid notes of rose and jasmine on a dry base of sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk. Smells just like the popular Abercrombie & Fitch* men's fragrance.

    Fireside - This warm and cozy aroma is composed of lemon, apple, and mint leaves with woody notes of Canadian fir, eucalyptus, and clove on a bed of crackling wood fire accord, patchouli, and musk. A duplicate of the popular Yankee* type fragrance.

    Firewood - Bold notes of smoky wood, cedar, and pine birch are supported by mid-notes of balsam fir and clove leaves topped off with soft notes of orange and raspberry. You know that heart-warming smell of a good fire burning in the winter time? This is it! You'll love it!

    Flannel - The fresh scent of citrus and green notes atop a floral heart of spicy rose, lavender, violet, and jasmine. Base notes of woods, musk, sweet vanilla, and berry. Just like the popular Bath & Body Works* fragrance.

    Fruity Pebbles - Fruity rice cereal bits coated in sugar make up this wonderfully addictive fragrance.

    Gain - This fresh, clean & citrusy floral scent opens with Egyptian musk and warm, rich French vanilla notes. The floral heart exudes sweetness with jasmine, lilac and peony blooms that usher in powdery floral accords and warm musk at the base. Inspired by the Gain© laundry scent.

    Gunslinger - A multiple cologne, leather blend with mild earth notes. Strong, spicy, mischievous, dark, sexy and a little earthy. Intoxicatingly seductive. A must try!

    Hansel & Gretel's House - A sweet base of vanilla frosting and Tonka Bean supports mid notes of cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and graham crackers, with top notes of bergamot and cherry.

    Hickory BBQ - Perfect for summer! The mouth watering scent of a smoky BBQ grill.

    High Maintenance - Floral top notes followed by woody notes with rich, sweet, patchouli and long lasting musky undertones. Just like the popular Tyler Candle Company* fragrance!

    Jack Frost - This cool, wintery mix of cool mint, eucalyptus and corn mint highlighted with vanilla will stimulate and refresh your senses. It is a duplicate of the popular Yankee Candle* fragrance.

    Jamaican Me Crazy - A mélange of Island red fruits (papaya, apple, berries) blend with juicy citrus (grapefruit, orange) and bright leaf accords with base notes of creamy sweet coconut.

    Juniper Breeze - An ozony blend of floral, green and fruity notes with a slight musk undertone. Just like the Bath and Body type, very smooth and fresh. Not a perfume floral, very pleasant. One of our most popular fresh scents.

    Lavender Vanilla - A harmonious scent of fresh lavender and gentle vanilla blending to a delicious, sweet aroma.

    Leather - Distinct, rich, and sensual, our Leather fragrance embodies the warm and luxurious aroma of fine leather.

    Leather & Lace - A fragrance that all Western lovers will enjoy, the manly scent of leather with a hint of vanilla. A mixture for all to love.

    Leaves - Fruit notes combine with enchanting spices to capture the magical essence of autumn leaves.

    Lemon Drop - Another fragrance that it will be hard not to put in your mouth! Just like a lemon drop candy.

    Little Black Dress - Smooth and sexy! White carnation, sandalwood, blood orange, smoky wood, black rose and patchouli mingle with notes of toasted vanilla, amber, vetiver and a kiss of Egyptian musk.

    Love Spell - This dizzying scent of grapefruit, orange, melon, apple, kiwi, and nuances of Jasmine will capture and captivate you.

    Luna - An alluring fragrance filled with fruits of nectar and exotic floras, blended with sweet vanilla and honey for an evening filled with romance. This is a Scentsy compliment.

    Macintosh Apple - Smells like a juicy sweet apples with a slight green notes. Very springy and bright.

    Mahogany Woods - Top notes of fresh mahogany, blood orange, and red pepper with mid notes of Clary Sage Absolute and cognac on a base of bourbon vanilla, golden amber, Tonka bean, and sandalwood. Smells just like the popular Bath and Body Works* men's fragrance.

    Monkey Farts - Top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.

    Pink Sugar - Notes of bergamot and Sicilian orange add zing, while raspberry and fig leaf tease you with freshness. Add a bit of romance with lily and licorice blossoms fused with yummy notes of strawberry and assorted red fruits to create an ambrosia your nose will never forget.

    Pipe Smoke - This fragrance oil is a smoky tobacco leaf having notes of herbaceous tobacco leaf followed by a touch of sweet honey and finishing with a smoky, leathery cedar wood, fresh cherry wood, and vanilla bean. Masculine, refreshing, and soothing.

    Pipeliner - A classic cologne scent mixed with leather.

    Plumeria - A sweet floral fragrance with tropical influence, Plumeria blossoms mix with just a hint of ripe melon.

    Pumpkin Pecan Waffle - A scrumptious blend of pumpkin waffles and butter with sweet, pure maple syrup and a touch of brown sugar.

    Pina Colada - A tropical combination of sweet pineapple and coconut in this spin of the popular drink.

    Pink Chiffon - Infused with hints of exotic fruits, vanilla orchid, sweet vanilla and whipped chiffon musk.

    Racing Fuel - Notes of burnt rubber, motor oil, and high performance gasoline.

    Red Bandana - Fresh strawberries with a touch of Leather.

    Royal Wedding - Floral but musky. A clean scent like young love.

    Salted Caramel Liqueur - A warm vanilla toddy is layered with gooey butterscotch and honey and topped with chunks of salted pecan caramels.

    Sex on the Beach - A very exotic, sensual and warm aroma.

    Strawberry - So sweet and delicious. Like jam

    Strawberry Leather - A sweet soft mixture of strawberry and leather

    Sweet Pea - Hyacinth, lily of the valley, violets and wild jasmine with a background of light herbal and musky notes.

    Toasted Marshmallow - The yummy sweet smell of marshmallows roasting over a campfire!

    Tuscan Tobacco - A rich woodsy, cedar and amber with hint of tobacco.

    Vanilla - A nice vanilla.

    Vanilla Bean - This is a traditional favorite. A very creamy and rich full-bodied vanilla scent.

    Vanilla Leather - Vanilla and leather blend

    Volcano - Pineapple, goji berry and mango are perfectly blended for an exotic sensation, as a hint of driftwood adds lingering tones of sunny warmth to the island sensation. A Capri Blue® compliment.

    Watermelon Lemonade - A summer fruity blend of watermelon, tangerine and red berries with mid notes of peach nectar and lily of the valley on base notes of vanilla and spun sugar. Just like the popular Bath and Body Works* fragrance.


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