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My whole life all I  wanted was to have my own business. I've always wanted to make things with my own two hands rather its small or big or just a gift. I planned school projects like I   was gonna win a medal on them. I didn't dream of going to a big college or having the perfect office with the perfect view, I  just wanted to make the ideas in my head come alive, I    wanted to share my creations with others and do something that I  love. I started my own business in December of 2016 shortly after I   lost the most important woman in my life, my Meemee. I started it to keep my mind busy so I began  making Jewelry out of bullet shells while I stayed next door with my Pawpaw and then went to Vinyl, T shirts, & Decals. I got to make and sell things with my cousin who was my childhood best friend. We sold our creations in a local store and business was going great but it wasn't enough i wanted more i wanted to make more things, learn new things, or do something different. I researched, stayed up all night, worked full time came home and kept on thinking and making sometimes till 6am and it was time to go to work. I obtained a business license and everything i needed to be "legit". And December of last year i started on Tumblers and i fell in love. My Pawpaw would sit at the dining room table watching me or text me things he saw on Facebook that he wanted me to learn how to make and after i lost him in February, i gave up closed my website and i didn't want to do anything any longer. But a spark lit under me that i was determined to keep going to make him, my Meemee, and my parents proud. I hit hard spots, blank ideas, and messed up more times than i can count but i kept going. I am not perfect my products aren't perfect but i try my hardest to be "perfect". My parents have been my number 1 supporters from the start, from letting me take over the dining room, then their master bath for the ventilation, to staying up all hours of the night after their own jobs to help me finish an order and picking up supplies while i was at work (they secretly couldn't wait to help me move my stuff into my craft room to get me out of their way). I have so many plans and things i want to do that i'm slowly learning how, while keeping up with my other items that i absolutely love doing and making i can't wait to make them come to life. My mind is 24/7 crafts and creating things and i'm ok with that. I'm so beyond thankful for my parents, my family, my returning customers, and my Meemee and Pawpaw for always supporting my crazy ideas. To some it may be nothing but a bunch of cups, vinyl, and glitter, but to me its everything i ever wanted. I am blessed beyond belief and i hope to someday move this little craft room into my own shop and i wont stop until i get there.


Thank you for supporting my Small Business and my dream.



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